The Best Most Versatile Sketchbook You Can Own

I draw a lot. I usually draw in my sketchbooks at least once a day and more often than not, multiple times. There are different sketchbooks in each of my two pickups and in my wife's Magnum. There are sketchbooks in the family room. Most of my drawing materials and sketchbooks are in my studio.

Several years ago I decided to scan all of my sketches so I had a digital library of everything. This turned out to be a bigger task than I had anticipated. I have about 10,000 scans at this moment. The job never ends because I keep adding to the pile of drawings needing to be scanned. 

Occasionally I get asked what is my favorite sketchbook. I have used pretty much every type of drawing paper and sketchbook made over the last 30 years. I do have one favorite sketchbook that I heartily recommend and will tell you about.  It is called a Thesis Binder. Alone it doesn't contain any paper but is a hardbound black cover with a spring loaded spine. I have both 1" and 2" binders. The beauty is that you can load them up with the paper of your choice, order the finished sketches to the back of the book or remove them, and it looks really cool. I usually remove all the completed sketches daily and put them in a document box for safe storage.


Over the last few years I have started drawing drawing on paper that I buy in reams from various sources. You can get just about any type of paper imaginable and have a sketchbook filled with a wide variety to match your mood and medium.

This is one of my Thesis binders loaded with a variety of colored card stock.

I would recommend you give them a try. They are strong enough to keep your sketches protected and flexible enough to load with a wide variety of paper. The binders are readily available on Amazon. The link is listed below.