Welcome to my new web site.

Here you will find examples of my art work.

My art spans the whole gamut from strictly traditional oil paintings to completely digital work and everything in between. What I mean by that is I am combining the traditional and digital in much of my current work. How I do this is with my trusty scanner, pencil sketches, watercolor textures, and digital camera.

I hope to answer and talk more about how I accomplish a particular look or technique. Being a teacher I will hide nothing. I had great teachers myself and they are/were a major part of my artistic growth.

If you have any questions, ask away. If I can't "dazzle you with my brilliance then I will baffle you with my bullshit."

Though there is a "Shop" section that will be rotated regularly, almost anything on the site can be had as a print. Most sketches and some paintings are also available. Just ask.