My Favorite Doodling Papers


Yesterday I talked about my favorite sketchbook. Today I want to mention the kind of paper that I enjoy using most when doodling. Finding the paper was actually one of those lucky accidents. Was walking though a flea market and noticed a box of Southworth® 100% Cotton Business Paper for $5.00. Looked like a new box so I bought it. 

Drawing on this paper was fantastic. It feels different than anything else I had been using. It is heavy enough that it holds up well to erasing and accepts most mediums I throw at it. It is fairly absorbent so I don't use watercolor unless just as brush pens.

There are a number of different 100% cotton papers available from different paper companies and I am slowly working my way through each kind. Some are toned slightly, there is a lighter 24lb weight paper that is just as nice but I like heavier weight papers, and there are a number of subtle textured surfaces available. This particular paper is called "Business Paper" but there are also many called "Resume Paper". 

The paper moderately expensive and fortunately, most are available in 100 sheet boxes. It is really not any more expensive than paper bought through art supply stores or online and you can load a thesis binder with a number of different varieties.

You should give it a try. I think you will find these papers become some of your favorites. The Amazon link takes you to one of my favorites.